Tekken 3 Game

Tekken 3 is a fighting game, the third entry in the Tekken series. It was released to the arcades in 1997, before being ported for the PlayStation in 1998. The arcade version of the game was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 as part of Tekken 5’s Arcade History mode. The game was also re-released as part of Sony’s PlayStation Classic.

Tekken 3 features a largely new cast of characters, including the debut of several now-staple characters such as Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo, and Hwoarang, with a total of twenty-three characters. The home version includes a new beat ’em up mode called Tekken Force, and the bonus Tekken Ball mode.

The game was a major hit for both arcades and consoles, selling 35,000 arcade units and more than 8 million PlayStation copies worldwide, making Tekken 3 the fifth best-selling PlayStation game. Since its release, Tekken 3 has been lauded as a landmark title in the fighting game genre and is considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time. It was followed by Tekken Tag Tournament, a non-canon installment in 1999. The direct sequel, Tekken 4, was released in 2001.

Source: Wikipedia